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Richard Zahn Encourages Education


Richard Zahn is a professional who has worked in multiple industries, finding success and achievement. From research and development to the military to medical, and even law enforcement and construction, he has accumulated experience in a wide range of fields. All of the positions that he has held have enabled him to develop important skills and knowledge that have, ultimately, contributed to his ability to build a successful career. As such, Zahn is incredibly dedicated to the idea of continuing education and to the value that it brings to individuals who seek it.

Traditional Education: Taking Industry-Specific Classes

When talking about education, most people immediately think of formal educational institutions, such as schools and universities. This more traditional form of education is exceedingly important to a professional’s career. In fact, the classes that an individual takes when in school can shape their understanding of their field while helping them build a unique perspective to bring to their industry.

Richard Zahn has taken a long list of classes that fall under this category. Here is a quick glimpse of the topics covered in the courses that he has completed over the years.

  • German
  • Spanish
  • Small arms
  • US Army wheeled mechanics
  • Fire science
  • Basic hazardous materials
  • Advanced hazardous materials
  • Emergency life saver
  • First responder
  • Department of Transportation certification
  • IV tech
  • Fire fighting level I
  • Open water diving
  • Advanced open water diving
  • Nitrox diving
  • Body recovery
  • Airlessco equipment
  • Psychological operations
  • Mold remediator certification
  • Piloting
  • Law enforcement
  • Cirrus
  • Baron
  • Navajo
  • SWAT school
  • Sniper I
  • SWAT combat carbine
  • Level 1 tactical shotgun
  • Emergency management
  • FEMA national incident management
  • Advanced sniper operations
  • Extreme long range advanced sniper operations
  • Ballistic computer
  • Close quarters combat
  • Federal law enforcement
  • Flying while armed
  • Protective services for law enforcement officers
  • Executive education
  • PCA driver development

Through these traditional educational experiences, Richard Zahn was able to systematically learn the ideas and procedures associated with each topic that he investigated in his classes. The idea of formal learning hinges on presenting information in a specific way and then having students learn that information. As such, traditional educational opportunities allow students to continually build upon the knowledge that they are accumulating.

The formal education that Richard Zahn has engaged in has allowed him to learn a wide range of skills. As such, it has significantly impacted his ability to excel in his career. As a result, Zahn encourages individuals to complete their traditional educational goals as they prepare to enter their chosen fields and begin their professional endeavors.

Richard Zahn – Learning through Experience

The other kind of education entails learning through experience. This means learning on the job, or as events unfold. In many ways, this type of education is just as important as the traditional classes that students attend. You see, learning through experience allows individuals to figure out how to best apply their formal education in a practical setting while reacting to a continually changing environment. As such, it provides the chance to learn to adapt and remain flexible without compromising the quality of one’s work.

Zahn has engaged in a great deal of experience-based learning. In fact, his attitude allows him to view every experience as a learning opportunity, and as such he is constantly growing from his professional and personal efforts. Most notably, he has had the opportunity to develop his skills through his work experience.

Zahn first entered the workforce in 1986 when he enlisted in the United States Army. He was on active duty until 1991, when he entered the Reserves. Zahn served in the Reserves for six years, until he received an honorable discharge in 1997.

During his time in the Army, Zahn had the opportunity to accumulate international and domestic experience. Based in both Ft. Bragg and Germany, he trained in a variety of environments and was able to build a truly international perspective of life, business, and other issues. This perspective has carried him through his subsequent professional endeavors, as it allows him to consider the “big picture” when making decisions without overlooking the details.

From 1991 to 1997, while enlisted in the Reserves, Zahn worked for Glidden ICI Paints. In 2005 he started a five-year tenure at the Orangeburg County Sherriff Department. Three years after starting his law enforcement career, Zahn began work at Homeland Security Oversight Taskforce in 2008. He left both of these companies in 2010 and currently works as a real estate development professional.

The key to creating a long-lasting, successful career is to continually learn from one’s experiences. Zahn has applied this philosophy to his professional endeavors and has, as a result, achieved the goals he has set out to conquer along the way.

Understanding Education: Formal and On the Job Training Work Together

Some people may see formal classes as superior to on the job training, or may believe that learning through experience is more valuable than learning in the classroom. But the truth is that both of these forms of education can work together to help professionals develop a skill set that will allow them to achieve their goals and, ultimately, improve their capabilities as they move forward in their careers.

The key to using education properly is to understand how it works in the real world. Classroom-based learning is not something that is aimed only at earning a diploma or degree—it is something that should prepare students for their futures. Likewise, each experience that a professional has is not just a stepping stone toward a certain goal or objective, it is an opportunity to learn new skills and develop a finer understanding of an industry. By combining these different educational experiences, individuals can create the ability to excel in their chosen line of work.

Richard Zahn encourages anyone who is interested in building a brighter future to engage in educational opportunities. Starting a new career with the right traditional courses is a great idea, as it allows individuals to accumulate the basic knowledge and skills they need to understand the industry they have chosen. After these courses are complete, looking at work experiences as educational experiences is a fantastic way to learn from daily activities and continually build professional capabilities. Richard Zahn recommends this attitude, as it has allowed him to learn and grow as a professional.

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